Cute name for holiday wreath business?

My mother is starting a home business making holiday wreaths (all the major holidays). Could someone help us think of a cute name for the business?
Thank you for any suggestions!

5 thoughts on “Cute name for holiday wreath business?

  1. wreath hang ups. the holiday way. decorative wreathes. holly jolly wreath. mistletoe wreaths. christmas spirt wreaths. cold outside wreaths. Christmas eve wreaths. home for the holidays. today tomorrow wreaths. snowflake wreaths. star glow wreaths. angle wreaths. santas helper wreaths. beautiful wreath. forever wreaths

    etc tell me if you like any or if you pick any please

  2. Merry Merry wreaths, holly jolly wreaths.

    Also you could do something like deck the halls with boughs of holly but different…

    i couldn’t really come up with much.

  3. I did like SEASON’S GREENINGS,
    What about SEASON’S GREETINGS (quite simply),
    CIRCLE(S) of LOVE,
    If we think of any more, I’ll drop you a line back!
    –Good Luck!
    Here are a few more: Ring around the rosie, Golden Rings, Ring ’round my Heart, Ring around the Year, Season’s Circles, Merry-go-round wreathes, Hang a ring of Joy(love, hope, peace,etc), Rounding out the year, Deck the door, (some of these can get a little hard to say out-loud!),
    I’ll add to this list if I think of any others!

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